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An online devotional to feed your spirit!


The Holy Spirit and Me!

Read Isaiah 61

Maria hated being alone. Ever since Tobi - her best friend - moved schools, she became withdrawn and kept to herself. Tobi was more than a friend. Tobi always reminded her when it was time to go for lessons and kept her company during break and lunch times. Now Tobi was gone! Maria believed no one could take Tobi’s place until she met Tobi’s sister, who recently moved to Maria’s School. Not only did she look like Tobi, but she spoke like her and was equally kind. To top it off, she constantly relayed messages from Tobi to Maria. Maria’s joy knew no bounds! In John 14:26, Jesus speaks about the Holy Spirit, who is both our helper and reminds us of God’s word. What’s more, He will live and stay with us forever if we let Him. Like Maria, we have our best friend with us always.