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An online devotional to feed your spirit!

Integrity in Life and Ministry.      

What is integrity? – It is to be rigidly honest without compromise! To be rigidly honest! To be trustworthy without changing. To uphold what you believe no matter what!

Psalm 11:7 (AMP) – “For the Lord is rigidly honest. He loves righteous deeds; the righteous shall behold his face”

God does not compromise on righteousness or integrity, so why should we?

Being a person of integrity is a conscious decision. It does not 'Just happen' to us.  In Daniel 1:8, Daniel made a decision not to defile himself with the food of the Babylonians.

We are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. Yes! But to live righteously is a purposeful decision! To be honest without compromise is a purposeful decision!

In Ministry – Every time someone mentions ministry, people only think of preachers. Your chosen career can be your ministry! There are some that God has called to be doctors, to treat people and show them the love of God in the process. There are some called to be teachers, nurses etc. Not everyone will stand on the pulpit to preach but every believer is a minister of the Gospel, ministering to the needs of the people around us in our daily lives. 

In Exodus 35:30-35, God filled Bezalel with his spirit to be an outstanding craftsman. God’s spirit may be upon you to be an outstanding accountant, Lawyer, human rights activist or trader.

To stand out, you have to be a person of Integrity! You have to make the decision to serve God and stand by it no matter what!

Debbie Bamiro