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An online devotional to feed your spirit!




When we pray constantly, God begins to show himself to us. He said in Jeremiah 33:3 that when we call on Him (pray), He will show us things we do not know. Start your constant prayer to God today and see how you will grow as a child of God.

Imagine you have a very close friend – your best friend – but you never talk to him or her. They may know all about you, but you don’t talk to them and you don’t listen to them when they talk to you either! What do you think will happen to that relationship? It will certainly break down!

Prayer is more than just asking God for things! It is talking to Him and listening to Him talking to us like best friends do!

Make a habit of talking to God on a regular basis, and you will experience him like you’ve never experienced him before.

Yes, God knows what we need and yes, He wants us to ask Him! Not only do we talk to God in prayer, we take authority over the powers of darkness as well.

The more time we spend with God (in prayer), the more we become like Him! He gives us His authority and this we use to frustrate every plan of the devil in our lives.

James 5:17 quotes that when a righteous person prays fervently that prayer avails much.

So, the prerequisite here is righteousness. A righteous person lives right, acts right and thinks right according to the will of God. When such a person prays, God answers!

Be such a person today and see God move on your behalf